AsteroidOS Linux GUI sync client dedicated to Mobile Linux.
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Extended fork of AsteroidOSLinux Script with GUI and apikeyless weather

Aim of this project is to provide easy-to-use synchrozniation GUI client between your AsteroidOS watch and mobile linux phone (like postmarketOS, Mobian, Manjaro, openSUSE).

Mobile linux distributions mentioned above are mostly mainline versions, so this app can be also run on regular desktop.


Work in progress, do not use this repo yet!


  • Attempt to rewrite to go (it'd be nice, but doesn't really mind, if it don't work, python will be left)
  • Replace OpenWeatherMap with apikeyless OpenMeteo according to their open-source apps policy
  • Daemonize
  • GTK GUI for basic configuration and managing daemon
  • If all above succeed, create collaborative issue tracker on codeberg to let you share your opinion and let you make changes
  • Extend weather functionality of additional notifies and settings
  • Extend music functionality to include whole OS audio control (e.g. from popups like Firefox is playing media)
  • Extend music functionality to include Sonically control
  • Wiki and documentation
  • Screenshots

I don't care that it's unfinished, just tell me how to try it!

  1. Install python3 and python3-pip git
  2. Install dependencies pip3 install pydbus python-mpd2 pyowm
  3. git clone and run the original script AsteroidOSLinux git clone --depth 1
  4. If you want weather information, you can get register and get your API key on OpenWeatherMap. Add the key to the file
  5. Connect your AsteroidOS watch in bluetooth settings
  6. Run

Spoiler: unmodified works on pinpehone like a charm! You just need to disable suspend.