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# Sonically [BETA]
## Status
***!!! SUSPENDED !!!***
I was forced to go back to Android, Sonically is not priority there.
I'm looking forwared to switch to pmOS again, I'll probably do so in the mid of 2023 and development will restart ;)
## Info
1. **Priority**: GTK4 is cool but not ideal, especially in go. I'll switch to something else. Probably native (for go) Fyne UI Toolkit. This should unlock seeking.
2. **Priority**: Clean code
3. Proxy settings, Lyrics self-fetching will be removed. This is non-goal now. You self-host you trust your server, you trust this app as it **should** connect only to this server. If you want more goodies, use advanced server implementation.
4. Since upcoming fix [*read important below]* I'll start using branches, at least 2, master and develop.
5. Packaging probably own repo.
## Installation
I lost somwhere working all binaries from 2022. Forgive me that.
Please compile yourself for now.
**Important**. First commit on this repo probably won't compile as it depends on LyricsApiGoExtneded that I don't longer care, also fscache may be broken. I'll try to fix that in the meantime.
**Hint** You may look into APKBUILD if you use pmOS, it should contain reciepe for building apkand
## Configuration
Ensure you have keyring named login. If no create it using e.g. seahorse.
Recommended settings are opus 128, buffer 4096 (probably only working, as some values may be hardcoded)